Friday, September 30, 2005

"You don't wanna see me in my b boy stance."

My firewire is missing, so there will be no new pictures until I can find it. But I've got old pictures with new information, so that counts for something, doesn't it?

The Kitty Hat and its Legacy

One day, I made my friend an attempt at a kitty hat. It was cute, but simple, a stockinette cap with a rolled brim and sewn on ears. I searched the web for a better alternative and came up with this.

This pattern so excited me that I ran down to my LYS and procured a ball of grey and a ball of pink mohair-ish yarn. I whipped up a hat for myself within a couple days, (it was my first experience knitting in the round.) It was the cutest thing I had ever knit, up to that point.

I started wearing my hat on a fairly regular basis and received many requests from friends for their very own. Now, the parade of the pictures!

This is my brother, Lee. He rocks. He wanted an anime style kitty hat. In most of his pictures, he is nearly naked except for a hat. This is the rule, not the exception.

This is Sarah's ktty hat. She wanted her school colors; I threw in the spiral. She says people are always asking her wear they can buy one. That makes me happy on the inside.

Ryan specially requested a hot pink and black one. He's about six foot four and has nothing to prove. He's my kind of guy. He likes to wear it while he paintballs, thus this kitty hat has been featured in several paintball enthusiast publications. Knitting is hardcore!

Todd wanted a mohawk on his. Glady, I obliged. Damn punk never wears it.

I made this hat about two years ago for a friend I very rarely see.
I measured his extra large noggin and promised him I would make him his very own Batman hat, in the style of the ever swingin' Mr. West's Batman. I held onto this hat for two years until finally, I saw him last Saturday. When I gave it to him, his eyes lit up and he exclaimed, "My very own Batman hat! That's the Sh!t; you're the sh!t" I get really happy when Jaime tells me I'm the sh!t.

Thus concludes our walk through my kitty hat legacy. There have been others (but I don't have pics); there will likely be more. Feel free to drop a comment with your special request.

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