Sunday, October 16, 2005

"She may not walk the walk, and she may not like to talk, but boy she sure knows how to rock; she's nubs!"

I am so woooo'ed out.

I went to a WWE house show with my mom tonight; boy howdy, can that girl party. We had a fabulous time cheering all our favorite wrestlers. I was very excited to see Trish Stratus back in action; my mom's baby Kane, also is back, and in fine form. (Though he was wrestling this guy, so it was kind of a "battle of the ugly bald heads" and really should have been a "paper bag over the head" match.) It was "RAW," so I didn't get to see my favorites from "Smackdown," but there was plenty of man-beast action to go around.

I didn't take any pictures tonight, but here's a couple of pics from past events:

This is The Rock's ass. Anytime there's a "something on a pole match," it's just an excuse to "pants" someone. Thankfully, it was the Rock and not The Big Bossman.

Here Lee and I are auditioning for the WWF at our second Wresltmania.

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