Saturday, November 26, 2005

"Just stand on your feet;
If you fall, then have courage to walk again."

May I present to you:

It doesn't have a name yet...suggestions? It's made out of Rowan Spray, in Mellow. Of course, I think the color should be called Sweeny Todd. My husband loves the hat and wants his own.

When he got a look at the color though...he had this to say, "It looks like this really beautiful yarn that someone bled all over." The perfect accessory to your crime spree.

Friday, November 18, 2005

"You're a bad little chick and that's the word on the street, You're the kind of girl I'd like to meet."

One from the archives....

This is the first scarf I ever made. Yes, I had to weave in all those ends. Yes, it is made out of Red Heart Super Saver. And yes, I used to have Bettie Page bangs. See also...

(That's a side by side for all you rockabilly impaired persons out there.)

But the good things about this scarf:
I made it to show my spirit for my little brother's homecoming game.
It got me into knitting on a regular basis, and you know where that took me.

I decided to start knitting a few years ago after a couple unsuccessful attempts in my childhood. My mom is an awesome knitter, an intarsia queen. Her copy of glorious Knits is completely broken, with pages falling everywhere. She taught me the basics when I was wee, but it just didn't catch with me. But to me, knitting=mom. (I love my mom to pieces, so that's a good thing. I have no problem turning into my mother; I should be so lucky.) So, a few years ago, when I had moved to LA, I was quite homesick. My roommate was knitting an afghan and the sound of her aluminum needles clicking together reminded me of my mom. The sound was so comforting, it inspired me to take up a pair of needles on my own. This time, it was right for me; everything clicked. As I knit away the 80 degree winter, I was spiritually with my family with every beenie and scarf I made.