Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"Better make your reservations for next year's anarchy camp"

I haven't quite gotten used to this blogging on a regular basis thing. That's not true; I haven't at all gotten used to this blogging on a regular basis thing. I tend to be one of those people who don't volunteer information about themselves; I wait for questions. Hence, my hesitance to blog and my tendency toward reticence. So forgive me, dear bloggland.

Check out my Christmas knitting success:

I knit these for a friend of my husband's to give to his nieces. They were declared "most favorite presents," even over the gameboy and the bicycle, and have ensured Paulie's postition as "favorite uncle" FOREVER!

This pattern is now available at Commuknity or you can buy it directly from me. My alien hats will take over the world. muhahaha.


whitneybee said...

Must buy pattern! How can I buy directly from you?

whitneybee said...


Kate Christ said...

Here's to world domination. *clink*

Chloe Sparkle said...

Yeah! I feel like a star!

Michelle said...

I saw your hat pattern on the Ugly Green Chair and would love to purchase a copy for myself. Help me please!
mkpiry AT yahoo DOT com