Monday, May 01, 2006

"Cuz I go loco and apply the chokehold"

Whee! Just in time! I finished my sockapalooza socks with seconds to spare. The pattern is Fiber Trends' Walking away socks. The yarn is Claudia's Handpainted in Passionfruit. Both are, coincidently, available at commuknity! The yarn was sooo yummy and the pattern was so fun that I might just have to buy myself (or make?) some clogs and whip up a few pairs of these babies for me!


mimsie said...

Urghhh yours looks lovely! My Claudia's Handpainted keeps coming out poolish and not in a cool way. Maybe I should look into that pattern.

Ashley said...

Oh, those are beautiful! Lucky pal.

Jenny said...

AAAAAAaaaahhhhh!!!!! Oh. My. Gosh!

I own the most beautiful socks in the whole world! I got them in the mail today and I can't even beginto tell you how happy they made me!!! And they came from your store! My socks came from a famous store that is famous because THEY HAVE SUCH AN AWESOME MANAGER!!!! I am seriously so thrilled that I have to use lots of exclamation points!!!!!

LOVE the socks!!!

I'm going to have to order this pattern and make myself another pair. Thanks so much. they are beautiful!!!!

Jenny said...

I truly TRULY love them... I put the on this morning and stood naked in front of my closet going "what will go with my socks!"

~Jenny- owner of the best socks in the world!

p.s. Did you see the photo of my Husband and son in my blog, IN THEIR JAYNE HATS!?