Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"Ania si Rosas Pandan"

I GOT SPOILED! Unbelievably spoiled. Check out the initial contents of my lace swap package. Everything was wrapped in sassy red tissue paper, except the yarn. The yarn came in a handmade calico bag, which is too cute for words!
The rolled up letter was a really sweet enumeration of the contents written with wit and warmth, and had the most beautiful picture of Saravati printed on it!

Look at all my goodies; Two (!) Fiddlesticks patterns, Peacock Feathers AND Flirty Ruffles, six ounces of Black Zephyr (DROOL! TOO DECADENT!) two handmade soaps (the sandalwood smells divine,) lucky no. 6 perfume(my favorite number, by the way,) Knitpicks Needles (I've been wanting to try those,) Knitpicks chart keeper (which is very classy looking and such a good idea,) some sour candies (freakishly delicious and sugarfree!) and some gorgeous purple beaded stitch markers (hands off, Emy.) Thank you so much, Tonni! You totally made my month, and it's been a pretty good month so far!


tonni said...

I'm glad you like your goodies... I was worried that you might have too much going on and my package would get lost in the load of stuff you probably have waiting for your grand opening :) Congratulations again! Such a great accomplishment to open your "Purlescence Yarns"! I know you are so proud. Happy Knitting!

Emy said...

No no, I just want to LOOK at them. ;)