Friday, September 01, 2006

"Everybody gets high, everybody gets low, these are the days when anything goes"

Howdy, y'all. So, big announcement time. First off, I am not pregnant. I promise, I will tell you when that happens!

I am changing jobs. The time has come for me to leave commuknity. I have had a wonderful year, met so many great people, and learned a lot. It wasn't an easy decision to leave, but it was the right one. I am really doing this for me and my future. My next opportunity involves a lot of growth potential. Finally, I'm becoming a woman and doing something extremely positive for myself.

I am now a local yarn store co-owner along with Nathania and Sandi. We'll be opening our own yarn store specializing in in-house designs. I am very excited about this for there is much excitement to be had! I am coming into my own and becoming the Mistress of my own Destiny!

Purlescence Yarns
586 S. Murphy Ave
Sunnyvale, Ca 94086
408-735-YARN (9276)

See you October 14th!


cynthia said...

Well, you and Nathania just bowled me over with this one. I work only a mile away from the new store. As I commented on Nathania's blog, I'm not sure if my finances can survive such convenient access to yarn.

knitabulous said...

Congratulations! For a minute there I thought you were going to write about a radican change in direction, something really shocking, like joining a convent or becoming an astronaut or something..

Best wishes for your new venture, you open the same day I fly to Thailand on my 'treat myself but still feel guilty' holiday without the kids or the husband. I'll toast to you with a bloody mary while I'm over the pacific, how's that?

Anonymous said...


Best wishes to you, Nathania, and Sandi on this exciting new joint venture. I will be saving my pennies (okay better make it dollars.....) to do some shopping on October 14th. Glad I had a chance to say hello on your last day at Commuknity.

Commuknity is a lovely place, in large part because of the friendly environment that was created by the staff. Purlescence Yarns will undoubtedly be a success because of your involvement in the creative team.

Northside Knitter

Anonymous said...

Congrats! How brave you are... I wish you the best of luck in your new venture.

Your lace swap pal :)

Jodi said...

I wish you much luck, success and happiness! I will definitely be checking out the new place. like I wrote in Nathania's blog - FINALLY! a Sunnyvale yarn store! I still remember last January at commuknity when I bought my Big Kureyon and dpns to make Kitty Pi. I was a dpn-in-the-round virgin. you gave me dpn advice, and assured me I'd "get it" someday. now I'm on my 2nd kitty pi and have done numerous hats from the bottom up. thank you!!!

Kathryn said...

How very exciting! I'm really pleased for you, and I'll definitely come by.

Yarn Coffee said...

You've been tagged!

Cari M said...

YAY congratulations

and stuff

Best wishes to you guys!!! I'll be there, and I might even be able to talk G-man into letting me spend some of my hard-earned teaching money... if I get paid by then. :) I'm so excited!!! A REAL LYS in Sunnyvale, and my knitting pals starting their own business! GO YOU!

Dorothy said...

That's awesome! Congratulations! I hope you do really well. Let me know if you decide to go on-line and accept Paypal.

Juls said...

we Sunnyvale residents are grateful to have an enabler like you close by!

Anonymous said...

Why was Rosie let go??? She was one of your best and friendly sales persons. She helped me with all my yarn and knitting needs and was so pleasing to work with. I really feel you have made a HUGE mistake here in letting her go. I actually heard she was fired!! Again, bad choice in my eyes... I wont be back, sorry to say. Yet somehow I feel she will find an even better door to open, with nicer people to work with.

Anonymous said...

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