Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Sittin' down beside my ignorance, nobody loves me like you do."

The Big Update

I haven't updated in quite a while, but I had a really good reason this time. I've been extremely sick. How sick, you ask? The sickest I have ever been in my life, hospitalized sick. So sick I now have a much thicker medical history. Here's the time line/deal, skip to the last paragraph for a summary if you don't want details.

March 13, late Tuesday night: Thinking I was sick from some sushi I had eaten earlier in the day, I went to the emergency room at Valley Med. Before I left, I had thrown up a few times and begun to have intense abdominal pain. When I checked in at the ER, my blood pressure was 72/27. Even though the ER was crowded, they got me into a room and bed immediately. I three up one more time before the doctor could get to me. I had a fever of 102. They put me on morphine and anti-nauseates and assumed I had food poisoning. I "stabilized" enough for them to send me home at around 6 am.

March 14 & 15: I don't remember very well. I was downing the anti-abdominal cramping meds they gave me every two hours. It wasn't really helping. I couldn't keep any liquids down: I didn't want to eat at all. Over those two days I ate half an apple and half a packet of oatmeal. I pretty much slept for 48 hours. The fever didn't go away.

March 16: I went to see my personal physician because nothing had changed since Tuesday night. She examined me and knew it wasn't food poisoning. She strongly suggested I go over to the ER at Good Samaritan in Los Gatos. I went to their ER, and proceeded to have many tests. First off, they gave me anti-nauseates and Dilaudid. Then I had a CT scan. It was inconclusive so I had an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed abscesses on my ovaries. After the US, they gave me a full pelvic exam (the first of many.) The doctor pulled out a light up speculum and I commented, "Whee! It's Christmas for my vagina!" (Top that for inappropriate hospital comments, Molly M.) The doctor was not amused, but the nurse laughed her ass off. After several hours of exams, my personal physician came down to the ER to have me admitted to the hospital.

March 16 - 21: I was in the hospital. The first couple days, I was totally out of it. I looked absolutely horrid; my eyes were sunken in, I had massive circles under my eyes, and I had dropped a lot of weight in just a couple days so my skin was hanging off me. They had me on IV antibiotics the whole time. I was so thankful for all my visitors and the portable DVD player Nathania brought me. I did start to go a little stir crazy once I had healed enough to walk around.

March 21 Wednesday afternoon: I was released from the hospital. We went to the pharmacy to get the antibiotics I'd be on for the next two weeks.

I rested at home for the next week, then slowly started coming back to work. A week after the hospital release, I had an appointment with my doctor. That's when I got the bad news. The scarring caused by the tubo-ovarian-abscesses is going to make it very difficult for me to get pregnant. There are things that can be done, operations I can have, egg donors, invitro fertilization...it's not hopeless, it just won't be easy.

So after that first check up, I saw my doctor a couple more times because the pain hadn't gone away. The scarring is making things painful.

April 18: I went in for my follow up ultrasound. They were really nice, but I was getting a little tired of foreign object in my hoo-ha. So many people have been looking at my lady bits, I almost feel like I'm back in college.

April 24, today: I had a pelvic/papsmere with my doctor. She reviewed my ultrasound results and they weren't good. Nothing has changed much. I'm back on antibiotics and I'm going to see a specialist next week. I have three options now: wait and see, more antibiotics, or surgery. We'll see what the specialist says.

To sum up: Been really sick, thought I was getting better, but I'm not. All I can do is wait and see how this goes.