Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"And don'tcha feel all warm and cozy, Watching people out in the rain! That's...Schadenfreude! People taking pleasure in your pain!"

OH, sweet Schadenfreude! How you have nurtured me in my convalescence. (Ok, I'm just being dramatic, but I do like to see mean people get their come-upance!) I just randomly happened upon a reality teevee recap and happened to see one of my old bosses on "The Bachelorette," throwing a hissyfit about the same things that used to drive him nutsy when we worked together. Oh, Robert, I'm sorry I tried to call you "Bobert" once, but at least you didn't throw something at me when I tried to give you a nickname: http://primetime.tv.yahoo.com/ The Monday recap for "The Bachelorette" Check out at 1:14.

And lest you think I'm cruel and heartless, let me share with you my own foray into reality television:

Check me out at 31 seconds and at 1:24. I may have appeared undignified on National Television, but at least I got $5,000 out of it! (And I didn't weep salty, salty tears for my ex-employees to see and mock!)


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Anonymous said...

That was great! When were you on that show??? Glad you got some cizzash out of it! Good job! You looked so proud of yourself :)

tiggerr said...

You rock!