Monday, August 25, 2008

"The center of attention, even when they're up against the wall"

HI peeps!

I wanted to pop on here and let everyone know that I am doing quite well. I'm getting lots of good rest, taking it easy for all of us sinners.

I really appreciate all the thoughts, prayers, and get well wishes. It really means a lot for me to open up my inbox and read your warm fuzzies!

And check out this nifty little gadget I just found:

- Britney Spears Lyrics

Now you'll know where the blog titles come from.


Audra said...

You visited me in my dreams last night. We had a nice chat. You said you never got any of my emails about knitting jumpers for penguins or dolls of famous that true?

Cindy/Snid said...

Oh dear, dear Britney...
great, now I will have the song in my head. Quick, gotta replace it with something else... How about Last Train to Clarksville (I think it was a subliminal Monkey thing...)

glad you are doing well. IT is nice to hear your voice here again. Keep resting and healing! <3 -cindy

Rocky said...

Hi Chloe,

Just saying that I'm glad your feeling better. I've missed you at the shop the last few times I was there, you were always so nice to me. (this is Raquel, long brown haired girl, usually come with Leslie).. if yah don't remember me 8)

I just took a drop spinning class with Sandy, she totally rocks!

Glad your feeling better.