Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"From all the unborn chicken voices in my head..."

Yup - Eddie is guest blogging. We felt this would be the best way to inform all of you internet types in one swoop from this fella. I'll be updating you kids while she's incapacitated. This is the part where you say "Uh-oh."

Over the last two days, we've been overwhelmed with phone calls and text messages and emails and Gatorade (Chloe's not eating solids yet). I'd love to call each and every one of you back, but after repeating the same thing enough times to make a baker happy with his dozen, I thought I'd hit you all at once.

This, of course, doesn't mean we love you any less... it just means we've a lot on the table right now. By broadcasting over this virtual PA you will hopefully get all the answers, and I won't need to get laryngitis from saying it so often! ;)

So here's the summary
The surgery went smoothly. There were no complications, according to Dr. Nezhat. We get a full description and breakdown as soon as Chloe is well enough for the follow up visit.

In the meantime here is what we do know:
  • Chloe is doing great. She's home and should be ready for visitors by the weekend.

  • She is heavily medicated and bedridden - hold off on the calls for a couple more days. (Text messages are great! She can reply at her leisure).

  • The nurses and docs were pretty impressed to see her walking around the halls that afternoon. My Chloe is one tough bitch.

  • "The scarring and adhesions were severe and extensive." Nezhat repeated and reiterated "severe" enough to temp me to buy him a thesaurus.

  • There were no unexpected illnesses or cancer.

  • I mistook the first time he said "adhesion" for "infection" - this is incorrect info and sorry to those i've already passed it along to.

  • The remaining half ovary on her left side, as well as the right fallopian tube were removed. (Her left tube was removed in the previous surgery).

  • We'll still be able to have kids, but the need for help is now certain in that matter.

  • She is out of commision for 4 days to 8 weeks - this has not yet been defined but will be determined by how well she does.

  • It'll be 2 weeks before she'll be able to drive again.

  • We are in good spirits, and are accepting good spirits as gifts. She's a Jack fan and I like white russians. ;)

  • I won't post our mailing address or phone #'s, but comment that you'd like them and I'll cut and paste an email to you.

  • Post your comments here and Chloe will read them!

  • If your question wasn't answered here, please ask.
She'll be back in action soon enough. Thanks again for all the well wishes - We'll both try to get back to your calls as soon as we regain our ball bearings.

I snapped a pic of Chloe in pre-op.


Tikabelle said...

Much love and a quick recovery, lovey! Teh internets and Chum say hi! ::hug::

Kristi said...

You go, girl! Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and remember, don't knit under the influence of those pain meds :)

AlisonH said...

Recover well and quickly, and thank you, Eddie, for the update. Love the photo; here's mine from two years ago there, if you're curious, with my hubby blogging for me:
(Yeah, I got called "sir" in my hospital get-up.)

David Blume said...

So glad to hear it went as well and as smoothly as it did! We'll keep pulling for you. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Chloe!

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Get well soon Chloe!! Thanks for the update Eddie. And the picture, so glad to see you knitting and looking good Chloe!! Big big hugs!!!

Kathryn said...

I hope you're back to knitting soon! I'm glad it went well and you've got good TLC.

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Hi Chloe, it's Melissa (mimosa) from the Knit Girls. I've been thinking about you and hope your recovery goes well!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the update, Eddie.

And along with everyone else, good luck, Chloe, and look forward to seeing you up and on your feet again. *HUGS* Thinking of you!

margit said...

Best wishes for a super quick recovery!!! (Said one heavily-medicated bed/recliner-ridden gal to another...) =)

Rita said...

Thank you, Eddie, for the posting! Get well soonest, Ms. Chloe!

Much love to both of you.

miguelito said...


miguelito said...

"Ha-ha-ha-ha! Wonderful woman. We're all very fond of her. Very free-spirited."

we all know brandt was talking about you lady. get mo betta soon.

(btw: timing has never been my thing.)

Bogie said...

A gentle hug and many well wishes for a quick recovery. Here's to the Goddesses of Healing: Aegle, Aceso, Hygeia, Panaceia, and Iaso. (And that poke I sent you on FB? It was meant in the best possible way--and if you don't know what I'm talking about, all the better.)

Professor Violet said...

Happy healing my deary!!!
smoochey hugs and stuff...

CjSachiko said...

Get well soon Chloe! I wish you a speedy recovery. Thanks for posting the news Eddie.

Kimba said...

Chloe, I am so glad to hear things went well. Hopefully we can all get together soon!
All our best to you and Eddie!
**hugs** Kim & Jason

twistle said...

thank you for the update Eddie - all my very best thoughts Chloe! *hug*

Cindy/Snid said...

Much love and hugs to you both. I know you will make a solid quick recovery and wish I could be there to help, or hand you knitting needles, or wind yarn, or pour you a drink or whatever. Thank you for keeping us in the loop!!!


Mari said...


All the love in the world to Chloe from me.

Yah I want phone/email so I can bug her!

Bonne Marie said...


Here's to the speediest bestest recovery oh beautiful one!