Thursday, October 23, 2008

"The Zombies were having fun, the party had just begun..."

I've got a new pattern for sale! May I present, "Cranio":

Perfect for Halloween, or if you're like me, anytime of year! I wore mine out to Karaoke tonight and it was a big hit. Of course, I had to announce, once I got the mic, that "I made my hat" before I sang "Baby One More Time."

If you'd like to buy it, kindly click the paypal button and I'll email you the .pdf.
Or you can buy it and download it at Ravelry!

I created this as a commission for a friend and I was so excited about it, I made myself one. And you know I'll be rockin' it all year long! I think I'm going to make another one, but embellish it with sequins, beads, and embroidery floss so it's more like a calavera for Dia de los Muertos.

- Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band Lyrics


Anonymous said...

Was totally staring at your hat all night last night. I meant to ask if you made it. I'll take that as a yeah!! Totally had fun last night.

David Blume said...

Wow! I can't tell you how much I adore that hat! It's fantastic.

Audra said...

Guess what you can get me for Christmas? And it's not the pattern...