Monday, January 05, 2009

"Smells like nothing, back to Beatnik"

I'm about to share the Dydo secret to awesome fringe; you may want to lay down.

Step one: Cut a piece of cardboard, half the height you want your finished fringe.

Step two: Slice a notch in both ends to act as an anchor, kind of like a giant bobbin.

Step three: Slip your yarn end into one notch.

Step four: Wind your yarn completely around the cardboard as many times as you need. For my Montego Bay Scarf, I wrapped that particular piece of cardboard 200 times. I used a sharpie to keep track of how many wraps I had done, marking every 50 wraps, 'cuz I just don't trust my brain to keep track.

Step five: Set this aside until you're ready to attach the fringe.

Step six: Cut along the bottom of the cardboard, releasing all those wraps to their full size fringe glory.

Step seven: Fringe away.

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